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User Experience designer, fine artist, and interior decorating enthusiast 🎨
Zac's pursuit of skill acquisition and love for visual problem solving has led him toward a career which relies heavily on empathy and objective analysis of others to meet their needs.

Working successfully with a team (be it work or your relationship) requires constant communication and vulnerability in owning your faults and weaknesses.

A constant daydreamer who's addicted to self-improvement mantras, he does whatever it takes to manifest his dreams into reality.


Sarah's passions include dogs, dogs, and more dogs 🐢She is a highly sensitive person (HSP), an empath, and social butterfly.

Sarah's love of nature and people has given her a diverse background of skills and knowledge - starting early on in massage therapy, getting a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Northern Arizona University (go Lumberjacks!), and currently a full-time florist.

Struggling with symptoms of fibromyalgia and leaky gut for years, she's obsessed with finding and healing the root cause of disease as naturally as possible. Sarah devotes her time to understand the relational effects that food, exercise, mental wellness, and childhood trauma have on our bodies.

With our powers combined πŸ’ͺ

Other than being hard-headed scorpios who's birthdays are only 3 days apart, they couldn't be more different. Zac is a goal-obsessed self-starter with zero patience, who attended the school of hard knocks. Sarah is a sensitive patient care giver who had a picturesque middle-class upbringing.

They met in 2012, working in the produce department of a natural foods store. Sarah told him she liked the way he handled those melons, and that was that 😜
It's been a wild ride, including multiple break-ups and a near-death experience. We've also had a lot of fun and made so many great memories together. We love exploring our local food scene, hiking, camping, and traveling. We have two adorable adopted fur babies-Romi and Luna, who our lives revolve around.

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